Welcome to Pembrokeshire Falconry

Whether you’ve found yourself here because you already love of Birds of Prey or because you are looking for a unique and exciting new experience to enjoy whilst you are in West Wales, you’ve come to the right place.

With Pembrokeshire Falconry, you’ll have the opportunity to fly birds of prey yourself, with the backdrop of a beautiful castle and gardens.

We won’t have you standing still in a field (unless you want to!) it’s much more exciting to see the birds swooping from the trees and gliding over colourful flowers as you stroll through the gardens.

Our aim is to give everyone, no matter how old or how young, the chance to experience that thrill of having a bird of prey or owl, fly to your glove. Our birds are trained by us so that we know that they are safe for anyone to handle, therefore you can relax and just enjoy every second.

By only taking bookings for private groups, we are able to make each moment you spend with the birds all the more special, as it’s tailored to you and your family and friends. You won’t find a stranger in your flying photos!

All of the birds have their own natural traits and quirky personalities and we want you to experience this as you interact with them. By the end of your experience you will feel like you’ve made some friends for life.

We want you to have fun in a safe environment, so you can experience nature at its best, whilst learning about these incredible animals.The welfare of our birds is crucial and you won’t find anyone here who doesn’t get the chance to get out and fly on a regular basis. After all, what would you do if you’d been given wings!

We are not professional photographers, but with the help of a good camera, we will also take a lot of action shots of you whilst you are flying. So that at the end of the day you are guaranteed to have at least one shot that will make ‘the frame’. You are, of course, welcome to take as many photos as you like too, this is just a little something we do for you to say thank you for flying with us.

2017 is an exciting time for Pembrokeshire Falconry and there are lots of changes are taking place to make our experience days more exciting than ever before.

As of the 25th May 2017, Pembrokeshire Falconry will be moving to The National Botanic Garden of Wales. All of our experiences will still include the same high quality, hands-on flying time with a range of birds and include refreshments and photos within the price.

NEW for 2017 The Secret Owl Garden at Picton Castle. The Largest Collection of Owls in Wales

Please get in touch with any questions.